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The Priemere Power Tools for ArcGIS

Effective 3Q-08, we are offering the commercial release of these products as described below . . .

The Petroleum Extension

This extension to the generic ArcGIS Desktop application is a suite of tools designed around the unique requirements of the Petroleum E/P environment, with a strong focus on automation and efficiency.  These tools evolved during the course of our Consulting Services Projects with various customers over the years, and are now being made available as a Commercial Product.  Our Power Demo is a must-see for any GeoScientist, as you will be impressed by the rate at which a great multitude of highly useful products are generated, reviewed, and presented with a minimum number of button clicks.

The flagship module is the Power Risk Optimizer, which will automate mapping of the spatial variation of Risk to analyze the selection of locations (wells) or hi-graded areas (exploration plays).  The Data Portal is the workhorse product, used to easily exchange data with other applications frequently used in the industry.  The Grid Processor provides powerful batch operation on groups of grid (raster) data, including gridding, contouring, thickness, reconstruction, and drainage analysis to locate structural traps and catchment areas.  And the Attribute Maker will generate attributes for analysis on feature layers from other GIS layers, such as risk values to rank polygon areas (plays, prospects, leases, etc) in your Portfolio

Other modules facilitate some of the more mundane, but time consuming tasks such as creating PowerPoint slides and managing Metadata, Bookmarks, and Toolbars.  There are even tools to take Inventory and Repair problems (such as broken links) with your GIS catalog, no matter how large or small the hierarchy.


Please let us know if/when you would like to schedule an hour or two to view our Demo.  Words here just can't describe how you will be impressed with the way we facilitate and automate some of your common work flows.  For customers in Houston, we can easily schedule a visit to your office.  For those of you outside the Energy Capital, we would like to start with a web conference.  Just click here to send us an eMail, and propose a date and time that you can assemble an interested audience of GIS professionals, GeoScientists, and/or Managers.


For more information on product functionality, you can view our Product Sheet and/or the top level Documentation.  You can also review our presentation at the 2008 PUG (Petroleum Users Group) conference.  And you can request the password to our Sales Site containing more detailed presentations and documentation.


Although you can certainly save significant amounts of time using our software tools, the greatest benefit is in the enhanced functionality available to your organization:

  •  Interpretation time gained by automation of complex manual processes.
  •  Transparency of repeatable, reliable processes that can be easily explained & updated.
  •  Improved decisions from the quality of results that can be achieved with rapid iteration.
  •  Reduction in risk through improved interpretation.


We would be glad to give you an Evaluation License to try our software.  Just click here to send us an eMail to request a license file, and the password to download a zip file and instructions from our FTP server at this location


We are currently offering only the Priemere package, which includes:

  •  License:  corporate, global, and unlimited usage.
  •  Annual Rental: fixed cost, with options to lock-in long-term agreement.
  •  Maintenance:  software upgrades on a regular basis, including timely bug fixes.
  •  Support:  phone & eMail contact, Houston extended business hours, routed through a single point of contact if necessary.
  •  Training:  on-going schedule of Demos and Hands-on Workshops - a couple days per quarter.
  •  Development:  commit to work your top priorities as submitted through a designated representative.
  •  Beta Testing:  access to more frequent updates for those willing to Test the latest enhancements.
  •  Consulting:  options to have our technical experts assist you with project work.

Our hope is to align our priorities & work together to spread this technology throughout your organization, and avoid adversarial activities such managing individual seats or concurrent tokens, counting users, parsing separate sites, or splitting the product into smaller modules.


After you see a demo and express interest in an evaluation we will gladly offer a licensing proposal for your consideration.  Our pricing model is proportional to company size and GIS presence, in line with other vertical products in the Industry.  


Yes, some of your competition already has an edge on you, as they are already using this software.  Since we made our first commercial offering 3Q08, several large companies have already purchased corporate licenses, and a handful of others are in the evaluation process.


Please feel free to give us a call with any additional questions or comments

  •   281-451-8818    Rich Priem - Owner & Software Architect   
  •   512-699-8402    David Dunbar - Marketing Representative


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