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We are glad to have a friendly association with the following peers that share our interest in GIS for the Petroleum Industry and have collaborated with us in one way or another over the years.

Rose & Associates

We have known Gary Citron, the managing partner, from the last century.  Their group is an industry leader in training for improved prospect estimation and software for detailed Risk Analysis using monte carlo simulation to predict financial performance for a specific opportunity or drilling portfolio.  They view our spatial risk analysis as a complimentary technology, and we are contemplating tools to bridge data between our respective applications.

Teach Me GIS

Some of the best ESRI trainers are right here in Houston, and are making plans with Jenny for them to offer training in our software products.

IPH Consulting

We have collaborated with Ingrid on a number of consulting projects, and she has done training on the use of our Risk Analysis product.


Anoop and his company in southern India have helped us with a number of software development projects over the years, a successful example of "off-shoring".

Data East

Our friends in Russia develop some very high quality products, and are collaborating with us on some development projects.

Spatial Ecology

That chap over in Britain (Hawth Beyer) has helped with some of our software development, and offers his extensive toolkit as a free extension to ArcGIS.


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